Mourya Kal GK Questions

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(1) Where was Chandragupta Maurya born?

340 BC

(2) Chandragupta (322-298 BC) was the ruler of which dynasty?

of the Maurya dynasty

(3) Chandragupta Maurya was a strong follower of


(4) Whose son was Bindusara?

of Chandragupta

(5) The great Ashoka (273-232 BC) was the ruler of which dynasty?


(6) Ashoka was the king of which dynasty?

of the Maurya dynasty

7) In which year did the Kalinga war take place?

261 BC

(8) Who wrote Arthasatra?


9) By what name was Chanakya also known?


(10) Where is the oldest rock-cut architecture found?

A state in Eastern India

11) Who built the Buddhist monuments at Sanchi?

Maurya Dynasty

(12) In which is the Buddhist monument of Sanchi?

Madhya Pradesh

(13) Out of Kalinga, Dholi, Bhabu, Jogar, in which inscription of Ashoka Buddhist texts are mentioned?

in bhabu

(14) Who was the contemporary of Emperor Ashoka, the ruler of Sri Lanka?


(15) In the Maurya period, only the state had the right on which of the subjects of land, mines, pastures?


(16) Kotilya was the Prime Minister?

of Chandragupta Maurya

17) Who was the most famous ruler of the Maurya dynasty?


(18) In which language and script are most of the inscriptions of Ashoka?

Exterior of nature

(19) What was another name of Chanakya?


(20) On which subject is the book ‘Arthashatra’ written?

on politics

21) Which was the only state in the history of the world which had given up victory after winning the Kalinga war?


(22) To whom does the circle of the Sarnath pillar indicate?

to progress

(23) The lions placed on top of the Sarnath pillar, which we see on our notes, are actually carved on which material?


(24) Who were the rulers of the Maurya dynasty who tried to reach their message to the public through inscriptions?


25) Where is the capital of the Maurya Empire located?


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